Experience More Resolute Driving Experience with the New Gen Jaguar XJ

Every automaker is focused on delivering something of substance to convert prospects into customers. Manufacturing a luxury car and to maintain its legacy isn’t easy for any automobile company, sometimes the changes can backfire as people don’t accept makeovers so easily. Unlike other automakers, Jaguar isn’t so experimental with their models and makes sure to go easy with the changes and modifications.

Jaw-Dropping Performance

Jaguar’s most appreciated car XF was overdue for a change from several years, however maintaining its classy British feel the 2016 model was introduced with more than 70% of new parts which are lighter in weight. The reviews of the brand new XF saloon came out to be impressive as the new XF is a much comprehensive update of the first generation model. The car has a number of new features to brag about, its sleek LED headlamps glows like deer eyes in the night, whereas the 18, 19 and 20 inch wheels delivers a sturdy look. The awe-inspiring looks of the new Jaguar XF  gives you a good reason to hit the roads every time you see it parked in your garage.

jaguar XJ

   Jaguar XJ

Luxury Doesn’t Mean Delicate

Jaguar XJ has an impressive 195.3 inches long wheelbase which is similar to the luxury sedans in upper segment. The car has runs on Computer Active Tech Suspension aka CATS that makes zigzagging a lot smoother without making you dance. Of course, passenger safety is the biggest criteria, hence Jaguar uses an impressive anti-lock system for the disc-breaks which is four channelled to multiply the driving pleasure.

With other luxury car in a similar segment, steering –wheel coordination is average with a cabin space that reminds you of an economy class air travel. While driving the Jaguar XF, you will experience the most beautiful driving pleasure.

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And that is Why Jaguar XJ is Just a Smooth Ride on Modern Roads

Jaguar couldn’t be more appreciated and lauded for its creations. There were times when Jaguar used to get quite a lot of hype for its expensive luxury design and on-road performance.

Well, that hasn’t changed for Jaguars till date only the brand has got more powerful and assertive with its features and performance. And Jaguar XJ is an ideal testament to this.

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4 Luxury Jaguar Cars You Will Instantly Fall in Love With

The world has always been mesmerized by the auto-mobile inventions innovative manufacturers have thrown across from time to time. And one such marque car enthusiasts across the globe can’t stop talking about is Jaguar.

Classic model, terrific pace and features worth spending a fortune – Jaguar has brought the world one of the most iconic beauties of all time.

With such raved history, we couldn’t help but present you with 5 top Jaguar cars that are perfect to ride with style.

Jaguar XJ220


This two-seater model is a downright synonym for class. One of the best hypercar productions ever built, the Jaguar XJ220 is powered by a powerful mid-mounted 3.5-liter V6 engine with a top speed of 354 km/h 220 mph. Doesn’t the sleek beauty belong at your private garage even if it’s more than 20 years old?

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