The Jaguar D-type: Bringing an End to the Battle of Best Jag Ever?

One usually has two kinds of feelings when in front of a beautiful car; excitement and euphoria.

The Jaguar D-type causes heavy sweating and manage to almost hypnotise for a few seconds. Magnificent to look at, terrific to drive, the ride is an icon.


What’ more?  How would you like to lay your hands on a car that has won the Le Mans 24-Hour race, one of the most prestigious and oldest automobile races, three times in a row; 1955, 1956 and 1957?

Jaguar D-types are the cars you would otherwise see in magazines, cut out photos of, dream about or discover in a car museum, if not able to buy.  Also if lucky, you may hear the engine roar across the street or see it in person being driven by some rich and famous celebrity.

However, there are some considerable features that make the D-type one of the best Jags of all time. Let’s take a glance.

The body and the base


Though including many enhanced components of the C-type, the D-type boats a new all-aluminium monocoque framework. The idea of implementing a highly aerodynamic shape was to create something equally beautiful and robust as its predecessor, C-type.

Moreover, the chassis of each car is custom-tailored to suit the owner’s specific requirements like long or short nose style, with or without tail fin.

Engine and parts


Developed from the standard six-cylinder 3.4L XK design, the D-type engine is an all-aluminium, lightweight unit with a dry sump lubrication system to lower the height of the bonnet while diminishing the chances of oil surge during severe cornering.

The model is equipped with a completely new 4-speed gearbox and the Salisbury solid rear axle construction for better Jaguar racing performance.

Moreover, here’s a quick summary of specifications;

ENGINE: 3,442 cc incline 6-cylinder
GEARBOX: 4 speed manual
0-60 MPH ACCELERATION: 7.0 seconds
MAXIMUM TORQUE: 325 Nm at 4,000 rpm
MAXIMUM SPEED: 170 mph / 274 km/h
MAXIMUM POWER: 250 bhp at 6,000 rpm
TRANSMISSION: 4-speed automatic
LENGTH: 154in / 3,912 mm
WIDTH: 651/2in / 1,664 mm
HEIGHT: 54in / 1,372 mm
WHEELBASE: 901/2 in / 2,300 mm
BRAKES: discs (f and r)
SUSPENSION: double eishbone (F) , solid axle(r)
WHEELS: steel, 16 in
IRES: 6.5*16

The D-type is a perfect blend of contemporary technology and traditional art. Sitting in one, whether driving or on the passenger seat, the lovely two-seater will certainly give you the experience of being fastened into an aircraft cockpit.

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